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When we doubt

I love this picture because I have experienced it so many times. “You’ve almost drowned in the ocean?” you ask. No. Not the real ocean. But in the ocean of life? In the waves of this world that beat and batter us at times? Yes, I have.


The picture below is taken from the story we are told in Matthew 14: 25-33. We pretty much all know the story. It was a stormy night and Jesus walked on the water towards his apostles in their boat. They were terrified at what they saw but He told them not to be afraid. Then Peter, being intensely Peter, said “If it is You Lord, let me walk on the water too.” Jesus said “Come.” Peter in faith began to actually walk on water. But then, he started looking around at the tumultuous waves around him and he started to sink. He cried out to the Lord, “Save me!” The Bible says that “Immediately, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.” Then Jesus asked him “Why did you doubt?”


Wow! There have been so many times that I have started out in faith and been maintaining my faith walk pretty well and then I get beaten and battered by life a little too much for my level of faith and I begin to doubt Him. I allow myself to doubt the things that I really know with a certainty! But how does the Lord react to that? Does He yell at me and tell me I should know better? Does He belittle me because once again, I need His help? No. He reaches out His hand “immediately” and pulls me up. That is the loving Father that we all have. Is it better for us when we keep our faith? Of course! When we do, we experience peace and security. But the Bible says that the Lord understands that we “are dust.” (A devotional for another time!) He knows our limitations and tenderly loves us anyway.


So never think that because you lose your faith, you have lost His love and protection. That can’t and will never happen.

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