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Beryl Williams is a former Jehovah's Witness and a sexual abuse survivor. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has an extensive background in administration and is also a public speaker. She has authored hope-inspiring devotionals since 2006, and is a published author of a newspaper column in a local paper.


Beryl has been mentoring women, one on one, for over 10 years, and has a passion for helping women come to healing from their past.


While Beryl sites God as the Founder, she is the co-founder of the ministry, Daddy's Little Girls. The Lord gave her the vision of this ministry as she was writing her memoir,  "He Showed Me Why." 


The Lord's plan for this ministry is all about deep, to the core, healing of our Inner Child, by the touch of the hand of God. Please reach out to me - I would love to meet you and help you take the steps needed to begin to live that "full, abundant" life that Jesus came to give us.


She has been a Christian since April 2003. While a difficult one, her life journey has given her the ability to understand many types of pain. She is a former Jehovah’s Witness and grew up with her mother and stepfather, who both served in full-time ministry. She was sexually abused by her stepfather and suffered physical, verbal and emotional abuse at his hand as well. As a grown woman, she has suffered the aftermath of child abuse. She has been through two divorces and lived in the world of drugs and exotic dancing. There is redemption however; otherwise this would be a story like millions of others. While her love for Jehovah, as she knew Him, was misguided, the true Lord of the Bible called her as His own. 


Since accepting Christ as her Savior, she has been given the dream of being an author. She felt called to write a memoir of all she’d been through and how God saved her. She is co-founding a ministry called Daddy’s Little Girls and believes her book is to be the springboard for public speaking. She believes there are many women who live in hopelessness every day that can find hope in her story. Thus, her story is now available to you through Amazon, the story of "He Showed Me Why."


"He Showed Me Why" is the memoir of an unusually tenderhearted woman. She is a testimony to the power of God because she has survived sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse at the hand of the two people closest to her. Then as a former cult member of 32 years, she learned the definition of spiritual abuse as well. You will walk through the abuse done to her as a helpless child and on through her self perpetuated abuse as an adult. With the transparency of her writing, she will let you into the deepest places of her heart. She will share thoughts and feelings that most would try to hide. In the end, her story proves that even something as horrific as the abuse of an innocent child can be redeemed by the ever present love of God. 

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