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He Showed Me Why

The journey with my Heavenly Father has been a very intense one, rich in colors and experiences and overflowing with feelings and emotions. I have soared into the heavens and scraped the bottom of hell. I have lifted my hands to Him in sweet praise and worship and have shaken my fists at Him with bitterness and cursing. Throughout it all, I continued to cry out to Him, "Why?! Why have You let these things happen to me? What is the point of all this?" After 12 years of whys, when it seemed that His only reply was more pain, He began to reveal some of the answers. "Tell your story, my child. Let me use your pain to comfort others like you." It is my prayer that, as you experience my journey, your heart will be blessed as the evidence unfolds, revealing the hand of my "Daddy" being there all along.

5.0 out of 5 stars

God's Grace in Understanding Your Past Pain or Someone Else's.
This book was very well written and a very sad but redeeming story showing the devastation of being abused physically, emotionally and spiritually since childhood. If you have ever been abused, you will relate to Beryl's life. If you have ever been a JW, you will relate to the spiritual coldness and neglect of their cult religion and the joy of finding true love from our Father and his Free gift of salvation. Beryl found the true God's Grace and redemption from a very sad life.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Memoir of Misguided Faith and Spiritual Awakening
A true-life story of trauma and pain from the author's childhood to adulthood. The writing is open and honest with no sugar coating. The book is at times difficult to read because no child should ever experience such abuse (ultimate betrayal) and because of the adult behaviors resulting from this abuse. It is, however, well worth the read as an inspirational and motivational book offering hope to others who have suffered such abuse. With every turn of the story one has the feeling of God's presence in the author's life from very early childhood. From life in a cult to an authentic relationship with God, this book is a story of survival and hope.

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