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Our True Story

I love sharing devotionals that I have read because there are so many people out there that are having struggles just like ours and what they have to share is valid, affirming and encouraging.

I read a devotional from “Daughters of Promise” and it talks about what it looks like to live in the presence of God. What blessed me is the way that “living in His presence” applies to those of us whom have negative messages being whispered into our ear by the enemy.

It says the following: “God’s voice is a rudder, revealing His version of events and correcting the other narrative’s I’ve always believed were true. Scripture and prayer re-wire the ways I think. They also align my feelings and slowly change me into someone who thinks, feels and then acts like Jesus.

The Holy Spirit and the Father has much to reveal. His version of my story never ends in tragedy. Senseless pain is never the last chapter. While pain is a thread in the pilot line, it is not the predominant theme. Glory and redemption are what dazzles. If I can’t see any trace of a redemptive plot, I know that I am not yet seeing my life through God’s eyes.”

Prayer: “I’m willing to believe differently. Jesus, I’m willing to let go of the long-standing family narrative. Amen”

I know what it is like to feel as if my story is a negative one. That today cannot be redeemed. That in turn I cannot be redeemed. These are lies straight from the heart of Satan. He hates the story of redemption. He loathes the truth that we can’t be too bad to be given grace. He fears the truth that Jesus brings love and peace to us sinners. So, let us begin to see ourselves and our story through the eyes of grace. Let us live near the lap of God and run into His open arms.

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