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My Journey...

I am going to share some things about my continuing journey to healing today.

I have already mentioned that I am leading a women’s group and we are studying the book, “Surprised by the Healer” by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery. This book is unique in several ways but one way that was pointed out to me by a friend is that the questions are not in a “Here’s the question, the answer is in the paragraph.” type format. Most of them are “What do you think about this?” They are thought provoking questions.

These type questions have helped me to see some places that need continued healing. But I am going to focus on one area in particular and I hope that it will speak to you as well.

We are reading one woman’s story of abuse and her subsequent actions as an adult. She was addicted to reading erotica and looking at pornography. But once she came out of the darkness of secrecy and confessed her actions to her husband, she began to get, what appears to be, rapid healing. Now, I do realize that she had a very forgiving and loving spouse which would make the process of healing go much smoother than someone that has little support. I still found myself feeling resentment that her journey to healing seemed to move with relative speed while my journey has taken place over many years AND I am still not finished!

As someone that has a passionate love for the Lord and has always had the goal of serving Him with her life, I find that I loathe the baggage that I still carry, though there is much less than there used to be. I want to “arrive” in my healing process but it is interesting how, in most instances, the Lord doesn’t heal us quickly. (I find myself wanting to put a frowning face after that sentence.) I have my own time frame for my healing but here is the absolute truth based on His Almighty Word: He only wants good for us, so we can be assured, despite our frustration, that whatever amount of time our healing is taking, will turn out for the best. I have often wondered if one reason the journey seems to be long, is to assure that the healing we get, goes to our core, so we don’t have to re-visit that layer ever again. I don’t know, but that seems logical to me. Our Father is thorough in His healing. We have examples of Jesus healing all sorts of illnesses and when they were healed, it was complete.

He was sent to show us how our Heavenly Father works….so why would our healing be any different? Complete in each and every step. As I reiterate these thoughts, I find my own faith strengthened in repeating the truths that I have known for years. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of what we already know. As humans, we seem to forget important truths in times of sadness or when triggers are being set off. This book was chosen to set triggers off in order to get to the heart of matters so we can receive the Lord’s healing touch. I need to be more aware of His promises when that happens.

And in conclusion, that is my prayer for you. A deeper, long lasting healing with the ability to cling to Him and His Word when we hit bumps in the road of our journey. His compassion is never ending and His love never fails!

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