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His Plan

You know, I have wondered why I know I have a calling from the Lord but am still not appearing to be in the center of it. I was talking with the Lord about it today and He brought Romans 8:28 to mind. Now for those of you that have read my writings over the years, you might be thinking "Oh boy, here we go again! She has talked about this verse many times."

It's true, I have, but I have always focused on the first part of the scripture much more than the last. To refresh everyone's memory, it says "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called to his purpose." I have heard many pastors say that we all have a calling from God, a lot of people just don't ever try to find out what that calling is. Well, the Lord showed me my calling when I was on the spiritual journey of writing my book. That calling is to minister to women that have come out of any form of abuse, either in their childhood or as an adult.

What I wanted to share is that the Lord showed me that all this time between writing my book and now (more years than I care to share) He has still been working on me. He has continued to mold me into the woman that He wants me to be in order to minister His love to others. If you have ever seen pottery made or anything molded by hand, it takes time, it is a slow process, by most human standards anyway. However, it says in His Word that we are the clay and He is the Potter. So while I can look in my sin perspective and wonder why He hasn't moved me into my calling yet, HIS view is that He has been working on it this entire time!

I have been through a lot since I finished my book and I mean A LOT! But Romans tells me that while I feel like there has been such a delay in my calling, He has been working good through all I have been through! How amazing is that?!

So, I find myself starting to feel that purpose He has given me....calling me it did while I was writing my book. I don't know what that all looks like. I have learned that my ideas are certainly not His (about 99% of the time!) But instead of feeling defeated like I have been over the past few years, I now know that I shouldn't. I should feel confident and blessed that all of this time, He has been preparing me for the big picture. I am not saying I am going to be writing every day in this blog because, well, frankly, I know better than to say that. But I am encouraged by the knowledge that He is moving me forward. HIS plan is still in place and I just have to trust that with time and my surrender to His will, I will get there!

So, if you are discouraged because you know there is something more you are called to do with your life but aren't there yet, be assured that you are being prepared for His will for you. Life may throw things that seem to interfere with that plan but He will use it to continue His purpose for you and while there may or will be delays.....He will get you there!

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