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God in Our Pain

I wanted to share one of my current trials with you. I have developed neuropathy in my feet which causes debilitating pain and makes it almost impossible to walk at its worst. My life has suddenly changed in every way possible. I am never without pain except when I am asleep.

I am so blessed to have a fiancé that is loving and supportive to help me through this time of trial. But, I have been battling depression over this because I feel so useless. I am a “doer” and being unable to do so much of what I want to do, is very difficult for me. I want to be working but at this moment, am truly unable to and that is very upsetting to my heart.

I share all that to say that it is easy in our times of pain, whatever the cause, to wonder where the Lord is in all of it. Does He care? Well, I was going through my library and came across the book “When Life Hurts….Understanding God’s Place in Your Pain” by Philip Yancy. I would like to share an excerpt with you from 4th Section, “When you wonder if God cares.”

“Even the most faithful Christians may question God’s personal concern. Few of us get a miraculous appearance of a loving God to calm our doubts. But at least we have this: an actual glimpse of how God truly feels about pain.

Isaiah 53:3 “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering.” Jesus spent much of His life around suffering people, and His response to them also shows us how God feels about pain. When Jesus’ friend died, He wept. Very often – and every time He was directly asked – He healed the pain.

How does God feel about our pain? Look at Jesus. He responded to hurting people with sadness and grief. And then He reached out with supernatural power and healed the causes of pain. I doubt that Jesus’ disciples tormented themselves with questions like “Does God care?” They had visible evidence of His concern every day. They simply looked at Jesus’ face, and watched Him as He performed God’s mission on earth.

In Jesus we have the historical fact of how God responded to pain on earth. He gives the up-close and personal side of God’s response to human suffering. All our doubts about God and suffering should, in fact, be filtered through what we know about Jesus.

The fact that Jesus came and suffered and died does not remove pain from our lives. Nor does it guarantee that we will always feel comforted. But it does show that God did not sit idly by and watch us suffer alone. He joined us and in His life on earth endured far more pain than most of us ever will. In doing so, He won a victory that will make possible a future without pain.”

Wow! The truth of that train of thought, in my opinion, cannot be denied. That is one of the reason’s that Jesus came to us. To demonstrate God’s heart, His love and His grace. When I run our pain thru the “Jesus filter”, there can be no doubt as to the Lord’s grieving over my pain. It is not something He takes lightly and if it is best for me, according to Jesus’ actions, He will bring healing. But I have also come to understand that some of my pain has been necessary for the Lord to answer my heartfelt prayer to be the woman He wants me to be. I would not be the woman who loves the Lord so very much if I hadn’t walked through the pain that I have. So, as I lay here and write to you while feeling pain, I can’t help but feel a little excitement as to what the Lord is going to use this trial for. How is it going to fit in with His plan? I will conclude with Romans 8:28 “All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

Take heart dear friend, your pain is not only recognized and felt with you but it is also being used to your benefit and good.

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