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But I love it God!

I was looking at pictures to use for my women’s study when I came across this one. How true it is!

We think that we have something or someone in our life that is irreplaceable. It may be that relationship that we have so much invested in. It may be a job that we have worked so hard for. It may be some other accomplishment that we are so proud of. But what happens when the Lord asks us to release one of these valued things or people? We tend to hold on to them with an even tighter fist than before. “After all, the Lord doesn’t know how much I need this or need them in my life. My life is better because of them.”

But the Lord views things very differently than we do. He sees the BIG picture with all of the good and all of the bad. And He wants to rescue us from the bad influences in our life. We hold on to things that aren’t good for us, while he has something so much better waiting. He wants only the very best for us and we need to CLING to that truth and let Him open up doors to wonderful and beautiful things.

The KEY to that happening is to open up our hands that are clutching that “thing” that is holding us back from His plan and release it! Close your eyes tightly, open your palms up, say “It’s all Yours Jesus” and throw it up into the air. Then wait. The reward for your surrendering to him will surpass anything you could have ever dreamed of. Just as this cartoon shows. He wants bigger and better for us and as abuse survivors, we are used to settling for so little and making ourselves content with the small things. But our Daddy wants to shower us with blessings “until there is no more want.”

So, look for a baby step that you can take in this endeavor. Find something small that is an unhealthy coping mechanism and bring it to Him and release it as described above. Give Him a chance to swap out that little teddy bear with a much bigger, cuddlier one that will bring you so much more joy. I can attest to the fact that it will be worth it!

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