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Are Our Mountains Too High?

Sometimes, I am so taken with the devotionals that I read that I feel I just have to share them with you. “Daughters of Promise” nailed it with their devotional today! I have shared some excerpts from it because they express beautifully parts of healing that the Lord has shown me in my life experience.

“Those with a difficult life story feel secure only if they stay a safe distance away. They are tucked away behind a wall of mis-trust, even with someone trustworthy. 

No matter the level of healing that is needed, our Heavenly Father has a plan to win our trust. He slows the pace and calls each of us by name. He knows it takes time to fully trust the love He offers without the slightest reservations. He whispers to our spirit within the love language of the scriptures. His Word heals. We begin to understand that God is not like anyone else we’ve ever known, loved, and trusted. Holiness means perfection so God cannot be unfaithful. It’s against His very nature.

God’s way of reaching you and me will not resemble the way He reaches out to anyone else. We are each unique and so is His plan to scale the mountains to our hearts. No one knows our story better than God and He is the only One who knows how to build a bridge. He is omniscient and can read the mental and emotional pathways of our heart. That would be frightening if it weren’t for everlasting love and kindness.”

Wow! What a wonderful summary of the journey to healing. We look at others and want to be where they are….we hear their stories and want healing to happen as quickly for us, as it did for them and yet, this says it all so perfectly! Every single journey of healing looks different. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we compare ourselves to others because each of us had different forms and levels of wounding. So, it only makes sense that our healing will be different too. But, the REAL piece is this….our God and Father DOES have a plan for our healing, we just have to surrender to it. Ask Him for healing and He, in his wonderful way will “scale the mountains to our hearts.”

So, let us not listen to the enemy’s whispers that we are too damaged for healing to take place. Let us stand firm in the truth that our “mountains” are never too high for Him.

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