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Amidst the waves....

You know life is truly unpredictable. The virus and now, the riots….it all has shown us that we are truly vulnerable and we never know what tomorrow will bring. This is true on a world view but even truer in our own individual lives. We can be on top of the world one day and then BAM! Everything changes. While the Bible says to plan for the future, the fact is, we never know what the future holds.

It is a fact of life and can be a terrifying one at that.

But despite that truth, we have a God who is there, in the midst of whatever that “BAM!” is. We need to be more and more intentional in our leaning on Him at all times so that when the “BAM’s” happen, we aren’t shaken like those in the world that don’t know Him. We as Christians should be shining beacons of example to the world that in the darkness… and hope strengthen us to be full of confidence in any circumstances we find ourselves in. Our God and Father is ALWAYS present and never loses us despite whatever dark, watery depths we may find ourselves in.

So, let us not walk in fear as many do in these uncertain times. Let us walk with upheld heads and beaming faces because we know that He is LARGE and in charge and He is working all things to our good!

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