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Where Were You, God?

I was going through some files from years ago when I was writing my book. I found a devotional from a ministry called Daughters Of Promise dated March 2007. You can find Christine's ministry at I am citing an excerpt from that devotional because it is spot on for what we as abuse survivors typically feel.

"People often blame God for perceived abandonment, not knowing that their very survival is a testament to His grace. They turn from Him, showing their back while walking away. Instead, their face should be turned upwards, in deference and in worship.

Perhaps you are one who cries out today, "Where were you, God?" His answer might surprise you. "Planning your future. Sustaining you with perseverance. Sharing your tears. Weaving the first threads of your redemptive tapestry. Making your mind, heart, and body strong enough to survive the storm." Because those aren't the answers you're seeking, you might be tempted to not hear them at all.

When my own pain subsided and I began to heal, one morning in prayer, I railed at God with this age-old question. "Where were you God? I always did the impossible!" His answer was simple enough for the unhealed child in me to understand. "You didn't do it. I did it." It was then I realized the extent of His love. I literally fell to my knees in gratitude. I apologized for defamation of character.

May this devotional shorten the length of time you ask such tortuous questions. May it also inspire you to run home with the grateful heart of a child."

I cannot add anything more to this pretty much says it all.

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